Medical Instrument Detection System
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MedDetect™ Instrument Detection System
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Designed for the Efficient Detection and Cost-Effective Retrieval of Surgical and Diagnostic Instruments from Waste and Soiled Linen Bags.

MD-2000 Instrument Detection System
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The MedDetect MD-2000 Instrument Detection System is a state-of-the-art technology for the detection and retrieval of surgical, diagnostic, and other critical care medical devices used by healthcare personnel. To aid in the healthcare industry's goal of reducing escalating costs associated with the loss of valuable medical instruments, the MD-2000 Instrument Detection System has been designed and engineered to provide a high level of detection performance and operating flexibility.

  • Low-profile 40" high panels form a uniform field of detection.
  • Easy installation and user-friendly operation.
  • Installed system occupies a floor area of only 37" x 40".

Touchpad Control gives audible and visual alarm when instruments are detected.
  • Features microprocessor-controlled circuitry and LCD display.
  • Touchpad Control gives audible and visual alarm when instruments are detected.

  • Ease of scanning - bags can be simply walked through or waved between instrument detection panels.
  • Detection discriminates against foils, needles, sharps, and other metallic disposables.

Ease of scanning—bags can be walked, waved, or carted between panels.



MD-2000 Mobile System

  • Optional modular platform with casters allows ease of mobility.
  • Ideal for temporary locations when limited space does not permit permanent installation.
  • Integrates TouchPad Control, Power Console, and Detection Panels into a single unit.
  • Modular platform can be closed for extended storage or for transport through narrow door or hallways.

Magnetic Retrieval Probe

Magnetic Retrieval Probes assist in avoiding direct contact with blood or body fluids or skin penetration by a sharp instrument. MeDetect recommends that hospital staff be instructed never to venture unseen into a waste or linen bag to retrieve instruments and to be fully protected from potential sticks and bloodborne exposure.



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